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One wallet at a time.

The app that ACTUALLY helps you PAY OFF your debt faster!

Now managing over $25 Million in debt for our users


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Forget worrying about those pesky loan terms, payment plans, and refinancing. At Destiny, we are pioneering a new way

to pay off your debt.


Pay Off Your Debt With 

Your Lifestyle

Destiny creates a customized debt repayment schedule optimized to eliminate your debt as fast as possible.


It's pretty simple! Follow your plan and save money! Join our users saving $3,000 on average in 2019! 


How it Works


Download Destiny in either the Android or iOS app stores


Upload a little information about your income, expenses, and debt picture

Follow Your Plan

Destiny delivers a month by month plan detailing how much you should pay toward each of your debts for maximum payoff speed


Your Security is Our Priority

Security is paramount when it comes to your finances. That is why at Destiny we only transmit data using SSL encryption, keeping your financial information as secure and safe as possible.


In addition, our application never stores your bank usernames or passwords, and we never sell or share your data without your permission.


Your Debt Has Crushed You Long Enough.

Time to Bring in the Experts.

There is so much confusion today about what to do with debt. Do you defer until you have more money, or start saving for an emergency fund? Which loan should you start paying down first? Should you consolidate your loans? 

Destiny answers all of these questions, and so much more!

No more guessing, no more games, no more debt.

Get Destiny today



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